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Age : 28
Registration date : 09-01-14

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InläggRubrik: anders   anders Icon_minitimeons jan 14, 2009 7:44 pm

Name: Anders'

Holy paladin

Age : 17

Current Specc: I love to heal people in raid to make it so, if i make it with my heals just longer we get.

Are you willing to respecc? yes

Ventrillo: yes

contact information: Msn: and wow.

Previous Guilds: Reverie / Illusion / UMM

Why did you leave your old guilds?: 1. They was bad geared people and not full epic and stuff. and they was 14-15 years +

Why are you applying to Prevail: i have seen allot of people from Prevail in Iron/storm/dalaran and they Impress me:)

What can you provide to Prevail as a raider and person: I will prov that i can play and i have exp..

What do you except about prevail: That they got Nice gear (HC) and they know what to do.

Armory link:

Do you know anyone in the guild: nope.

Game time? How much do you play each week: I play Everyday and meet up in raids.

/played ? 16 days. New char Smile

Past experience about raiding? Pretbc and TBC: Full exp Smile

Misc infomation: Anything you want to add that you think we should know about: You will go a good Choice
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Registration date : 08-12-03

anders Empty
InläggRubrik: Sv: anders   anders Icon_minitimeons jan 14, 2009 8:21 pm

Accpeted, välkommen!
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