Welcome To Prevails Forum, Prevail is a Swedish guild on Shattered Hand
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 Applications info and Template

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InläggRubrik: Applications info and Template   Applications info and Template Icon_minitimetis sep 30, 2008 10:41 pm

Welcome to Prevail

Recruting Policy

Prevail is a Swedish Guild that will be focusing on PvE and ppl should have the same goal as us in wanting to be a top guild on the server.

If you get an invite to the guild as a tryout you should attend all the raids you can to really make sure that you will be a member.

YOU CAN NEVER whisper an officer about you application to see if you get accepted or not. When we read it you will be the the first to know. Also you should know we dont accept people that pvp when we are raiding if they are needed.

If you break the rule about spaming the officers about applications, chances are that we will just ignore you and your application.

Application Form: Bad or fast applications will be rejected without even a second though keep this in mind, this is the first impresstion that you give.

The more information you give about yourself the better, so try and put some effort into it.

If by and chance you want to make an anonymous application to us then send it to either Carmela or any of the other officers with your apply.

We aint using any template for applications on the forum, we want to give you the chance to be avaible to develop and explain your own character. The application is showing much of your personality and it`s very important that you put time in it. It`s our first picture of you as a person and player.

Like we said, we give you free hands to write what you want on the application
But we got some demands that we want to see in it:

Character info
Personal info
Experience in wow ( vanilla,tbc,wotlk)
Orginal account owner?
Playtime (how often can you play)?

Write the application good and we will read it good.
Write the application bad and we will read it bad.
It`s Your Choice!


Trísh (Carmela)
Vichi (vun på forumet)

Amateurs practise until they get it right. Professionals practise until they cant get it wrong.
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Applications info and Template
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