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 Maerkan DW dk dps frost/unholy

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Maerkan DW dk dps frost/unholy Empty
InläggRubrik: Maerkan DW dk dps frost/unholy   Maerkan DW dk dps frost/unholy Icon_minitimeons mar 25, 2009 12:59 am

Name:Marcus Nilsson




Current Specc: Try to give some words about why you like this specc-frost/unholy dk dps. seriously i can specc to anything if u want too i've tried every specc a dk can have and have enyoied it several times in raid.

Are you willing to respecc? yes or no? Ofc.

Ventrillo: Have you got ventrilo and mic? Will you use them if asked?Yea got ventrilo Mix and it gives me the ability too use any vent Version that u use.

Contact information: Where can we reach you?My hotmail or Ingame on WoW , if im not in then msn/skype u can always type to me:)

Previous Guilds?Not any thats worth mentioning

Why did you leave your old guilds?Not serious enough, wanna be prepared for ulduar now that its coming and wanna have a guild thats not afraid of exploring it together

Why are you applying to Prevail?Heard it was a good guild with good progress so far Smile

What can you provide to Prevail as a raider and as a person? Good atmosphere and a sense of humor. as a raider all can i bring is dps and a head of a gnome Smile

What are your expectations about prevail?that i will be able to join your raids maybe not all the time but atleast some time in a week. dont wanna be left out of course i can be sometime but not everytime cause i dont see the meaning of being in a guild if youre just chatting with them .

Gear: Armory link. We are not intrested in your pvp gear

Do you know anyone in the guild? No , but hopefully i will soon Smile

Game time? How much do you play each week? 5 hours or more every week. also have badmintion practice but its only an hour and it wont interrupt with your rading times

/played? How long have you played your char. 13 days

Past raiding experiences? Pretbc and TBC? None Sad didnt really play wow then . Razz

Misc infomation: Anything you want to add that you think we should know about?nah i think thats enough. thanks for taking your time Smile
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Maerkan DW dk dps frost/unholy Empty
InläggRubrik: Sv: Maerkan DW dk dps frost/unholy   Maerkan DW dk dps frost/unholy Icon_minitimefre mar 27, 2009 3:31 pm

tyvärr vi avaktar med melee atm

Amateurs practise until they get it right. Professionals practise until they cant get it wrong.
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Maerkan DW dk dps frost/unholy
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