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 benknäckare - apply as tank/healer

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benknäckare - apply as tank/healer Empty
InläggRubrik: benknäckare - apply as tank/healer   benknäckare - apply as tank/healer Icon_minitimemån nov 03, 2008 4:10 pm

Name: Marcus ling Irl and Benkäckare ingame


Age: 18 tomorrow xD

Proffesion: Jc 375 / mining around 200

Current Specc: 56/5/0 liked to try holy so did just make my own holy specc.

Are you willing to respecc? yes

Ventrillo: yes got both and will use.

contact information: Ingame

Previous Guilds?:

Blood Brigade

Why did you leave your old guilds?:
was tired of wow and was going to try out warhammer online and alot of ppl left the guild

Why are you applying to Prevail?: well did jsut start playing again warhamemr, so did i se one of you players in if and did aske how to join and get the forum site.

What can you provide to Prevail as a raider and person?:
Well Extrem faster learner can both tank and healer good if you ask me. Been taking up to BT tbc and healing from MC to naxx pre tbc and up to ssc tbc.
i see my self as a nice guy and alwas try to be nice to ppl.

What do you except about prevail?: well not much atm i just want to start raid again.


Hope you guys se it as my healing gear on. ( my noob retri gear atm on armory dunno why only hade that on me for like 1h.)

Do you know anyone in the guild?: not what i know of.

Game time? How much ado you play ech week?: all time i can around 2-8 h a day.

/played? How long have you played your char.
total played : 27 days 6h
played in 70 : 19days 5h

Past experience about raiding? Pretbc and TBC?:

Mc: Clear
AQ20: Clear
AQ40: 4 bosses
ZG: Clear
BWL: Clear
Naxx: 4 bosses

kara: Clear
ZA: Clear
Tk: not last boss
scc: not last boss
hyjal: 3 bosses
BT: 4 bosses
Sunwell: none

Misc infomation: well if you have anyother questions just ask me online.
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benknäckare - apply as tank/healer Empty
InläggRubrik: Sv: benknäckare - apply as tank/healer   benknäckare - apply as tank/healer Icon_minitimemån nov 03, 2008 5:18 pm

Sorry we are atm full on paladin GL finding a guild

Amateurs practise until they get it right. Professionals practise until they cant get it wrong.
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benknäckare - apply as tank/healer
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