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 Combat Rogue

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InläggRubrik: Combat Rogue   Combat Rogue Icon_minitimesön jan 25, 2009 3:58 pm

Application template

Name: Dannti

Class: Rogue

Age: 18

Proffesion: Skinning/leatherworking

Current Specc: Im sword spec, and i like the spec cus it has always been a PVE spec

Are you willing to respecc? .Yes

Ventrillo: I have ventrilo and mic.

contact information: msn or someting? xD

Previous guild: have been in another guild on another server before but im new on this server.

Why did you leave your old guilds?, didint like that ppl who was active got replaced :s

Why are you applying to Prevail? I know 2 IRL m8:s in the guild and its a swedish guild (:

What can you provide to Prevail as a raider and person? I can always be active and always raid, but not on sundays ^^

What do you except about prevail? It would be nice (:

Gear: Armory link.

Do you know anyone in the guild? Cybele and Vichi

Game time? How much do you play each week?, Always Wink

/played? How long have you played your char. Total time played: 71 days
Time played this lvl 11 days

Past experience about raiding? Pretbc and TBC? Have raiding Onyxia, MC, ZG, BWL, AQ 20/40.

Misc infomation: Have played priest since I started with wow, then paladin,mage and now rogue,
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Man Antal inlägg : 68
Age : 30
Ort : Skellefteå
Registration date : 08-09-26

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InläggRubrik: Sv: Combat Rogue   Combat Rogue Icon_minitimesön jan 25, 2009 8:49 pm

Vi tar tyvärr inte in fler rogues för tillfället.
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Combat Rogue
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